A/C Compressor Rebuild Service


This service will completely rebuild any compressor you send to us from an exotic, heavy duty, medium duty, vintage, or off-road use vehicle. We are capable of rebuilding compressors anywhere from a Bobcat to a Bentley.

Pulley bearings are always replaced with a brand new bearing (Exotic vehicle will receive a NSK brand bearing when available)

Clutch coils, “magnet”, are replaced with brand new coils (excluding York style coils)

Compressors are completely rebuilt regardless of cause for failure. All compressors receive new seals and gaskets even if it just comes in with a pulley bearing failure

Control valves are replaced with new valves to ensure proper function

*Exotic vehicles only* Compressors will be painted on a case by case basis. Our goal is to not paint the compressor so that it keeps the original look to assist with resale value and aesthetics. Customers can always request compressors to be painted

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